What Expats should know about Traffic Laws in Germany

We have all dreaded that letter from some authority especially when living abroad. Generally people would be inclined to have a good relationship with authorities or at least try to stay out of trouble for various reasons. Traffic laws in Germany are quite strict, but something that foreigners living in Germany should know though, is that in case of speeding, fines or other related offenses, it does not necessary mean that those fines are valid and that is why it is always worth consulting with a traffic lawyer or an attorney who is specialised in traffic laws before paying. Due to the complexity of laws in general in Germany it is impossible for the layman to have an oversight of what to do in specifice cases.  In speeding offenses for example close to every second fine is invalid because of innacurate technical data from equipment used by traffic police. An experienced attorney for traffic laws in Berlin could have the fines quashed if there is proof the equipment used in the case was not measuring accurately. In conclusion it is definitely worth consulting a traffic lawyer in case of traffic offenses especially.

For more information on traffic offenses in Berlin you may contact:

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Data Security in Germany

Hardly a day goes without hearing from another data scandal or some hacking on the internet.  With increasing buying possibilities on the Internet and more more people losing their fear of paying online. The chances of having sensitive personal information being leaked or hacked. In part a lot of are careless with the information they leave on the Internet. By law German companies are obligated to engage a data consultant also called „berliner externer Datenschutzbeauftragter“ who’s soul duty is to make sure that the information of customers and employes is stored and handled securely. There has to be full documentation of who can handle the data, who is qualified and appointed in the company to have access to password and admin areas.

The security of information is vital. The so called „externer Informationssicherheitsbeauftragter“  has to make sure that server systems are reliable, that firewalls are installed and in place so that hackers or bots are resisted successfully. Agidat is a Berlin based company which specializes in Data Security Processes.

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